Photo & Video

Visual storytelling was my first love but an area that I never had the opportunity to formally study. So I decided to use my time in lockdown to pursue a Masters of Emerging Media in Dublin City University. The MSc in Emerging Media combined media production, innovative research and experimental practices to guide students in the discovery of new ways to communicate and tell stories. I am due to graduate in Spring 2022 with a first class honours.

As a youth I was involved in short filmmaking, winning awards in Ireland and internationally plus had the opportunity to work on the 2015 'Kids Speak' series where my piece was broadcasted on RTÉ. More recently my projects have veered towards the music and conceptual side of visuals. Over the past two years I have produced, directed, shot and edited a number of videos for various clients and artists in Ireland. You can find my video work here. 

When it comes to photography, my subject of choice is most definitely humans. I adore capturing people and have always recieved kind feedback from those that I work with, in relation to how I communicate and the atmosphere that I create. You can find my portrait photography here

Since returning to my home country I have been immersed in the Irish music industry, specifically working with emerging talent across different projects. I have created content for organisations such as Landmark Productions / St. Patrick's Festival / LovesVinyl / Badlands Vintage and artists such as Celaviedmai / Nealo / Craig Cooney / The X-Collective / Tomike and many more in production. 

Event Management, Video Producing & Set Design

Event organisation and production are areas that I have the most experience in. I graduated with a first class honours from TU Dublin (Technological University Dublin)'s Bachelor's in Event Management in 2017. I have organised and worked on the ground at countless events across Ireland, the USA, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

In 2021 I began producing music videos and started working with artists, brands and event managers to provide art direction for projects. Previous clients for stage design and dressing include Bobbi Arlo / Shiv / Nealo / Havana Club x Chamomile Records / Safe for Work Eire. Previous clients for music video production design include  Celaviedmai / Really Good Time / Tomike / R3D, Evans Junior, Tony Konstone (All Star Weekend).

Programming & Music Management

Caught Up Creatives had the pleasure of programming Winterfest 2021 at the Guinness Storehouse. The lineup included over 40 acts in five locations across the venue for a total of six weeks. Currently, we are programming events with St. Patrick's Festival and more exciting events to be announced. 

Bekah Molony is the manager of Celaviedmai, one of Ireland's most exciting hip-hop artists. After meeting at a Celaviedmai show, the pair started working together in 2020 and the rest is history. Bekah also represents singer-songwriter Pio Hartnett as of January 2022, acting as a mentor and booker for the young artist.

Please contact for booking enquiries. 


some common queries I've encountered:

What are your rates?

As I provide a lot of different services, there are different rates depending on the project.

Visual projects start at €250 per shoot, while booking and production roles depend on project length. Please get in touch for more info.

Do you do TFP (Time for Photos)?

No, I do not work on a TFP basis.

However, I am open to not-for-profit projects and shooting with independent artists at a discount.

Where in Ireland are you located?

I am based in Dublin City, but can travel domestically and internationally for projects.

if you'd like to get in touch, please go to the contact page.

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