Now more than ever, I believe that it's important to have a number of skills when diving into the deep ocean of freelancing.

I have always had more than one role in any project or contract that I've taken on, which is great because I love variety. So, I thought it would be useful to present my other creative services here, in addition to my visual work.

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a jack of many trades:


I have being using my photography skills over the past few years to both express myself and also within roles that I've been hired for. My subject of choice is most definitely humans. I adore capturing people and have always recieved kind feedback from those that I work with, in relation to how I communicate and the atmosphere that I create. I pride myself on my positive energy, no matter the setting. 

Before COVID, I was beginning to capture gigs, both of the performances and behind the scenes/ back stage. In 2020 I was booked to capture a number of concerts and festivals across Ireland with the hopes of continuing to build my live event photography portfolio. When the event industry returns, I will be available for this kind of work.

Recently, I have been exploring more conceptual, artistic and portraiture photography. After producing and capturing my first conceptual photography project which was titled 'A FEMALE COMPLEX' (view here) and was accompanied by my own poetry, an interest in fashion and editorial work was sparked. While not trained formally in this area, it is something that I'd like to explore further. 

Video & Film

Visual storytelling is my first love and as a result of the pandemic, I decided to use this time to upskill and am currently in a full-time Masters of Emerging Media in DCU (Dublin City University). The MSc in Emerging Media combines media production, innovative research and experimental practices to guide students in the discovery of new ways to communicate and tell stories.

As a youth I was involved in film, won awards in Ireland and internationally and also had work broadcasted on RTÉ. I am proud of my achievements and learnt so much from this time. But like most creatives, I've come a long way since then and feel the work from that period does not reflect my skills now, hence not sharing that work too often. If you are interested, you can see my video / film journey here.

Regardless of my experience, I am extremely passionate about filmmaking. I cannot watch films without analysing the composition of a shot, admiring a clever transition or feeling smug about picking up on a reference. I have experienced (on a very tiny level) writing, directing, producing and editing film projects - something that I adore and am continuously working on. Watch this space.

Music Related Projects

Since returning to my home country I have been immersed in the Irish music industry, specifically working with emerging talent across different projects. Throughout 2020 I was involved in a number of music related projects from directing music videos to styling and assisting at photo and video shoots for the likes of Celaviedmai, Tomike and Nealo.

At the moment, I am in the planning and production stages for a number of music videos - I will share these projects when possible. Music video direction is something that I'm passionate about and brimming with ideas on. So, if you're looking for a fresh pair of creative hands, I'd love to collaborate.

Event Management

Event organisation and production are areas that I have the most experience in. I graduated with a first class honours from TU Dublin (Technological University Dublin)'s Bachelor's in Event Management in 2017. I have organised and worked on the ground at countless events across Ireland, the USA, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. Before the COVID-19 pandemic I was focusing on music, festival and tourism related events.

Digital Marketing

I'm a writer, I always have been and always will be. Next to event managment, copywriting and digital marketing are the areas that I have the most experience in. The reason that this section is at the end is because I no longer wish to pursue these roles on a full-times basis.

However, I am open to temporary or once off projects that revolve around visual storytelling or events and may need some of the following skills too: social media, copywriting, SEO, website and content management. For more on this, find me on LinkedIn.


some common queries I've encountered:

Where in Ireland are you located?

I am based in Dublin City, but can travel for projects.

Do you do TFP (Time for Photos)?

Yes, sometimes I will work with models and other creatives on a TFP basis, if the project is geniunely beneficial for everyone.

What are your rates?

As I provide a lot of different services, there are different rates depending on the project. Please get in touch for more info.

Do you offer any other services?

I like to think of myself as an all round creative and a helpful person to have on any project. If you have something in mind, please do reach out to discuss.

if you'd like to get in touch, please go to the contact page.

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