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In 2013, I wrote and put together my first short film, which was my first real introduction to the creative process of filmmaking. This was submitted to the Fresh Film Festival in Ireland and made it to the Dublin Heats in 2014, winning the Audience Award at that screening. It then went to the overall Finals and won the Scriptwriting Award of the evening - a wonderful achievement for a story that I enjoyed bringing to the screen. Finally, this short film was picked up by the Up to 21 International Film Festival in Poland. The organisers flew me to Warsaw where I met some amazing young filmmakers and picked up a Highly Commended Award for the film.


Following the success of my first short film, I found myself in some wonderful situations such as judging the International Category of the 2015 Fresh Film Festival. 

I also worked with RTÉ to create a piece for their 'Kids Speak' series, which was aired on national broadcast in June 2015.

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As my non-film degree got more intense, I had less time to write scripts and stay in the film community. 

Instead, I was busy learning about website creation, SEO and photography via my blog and slowly learning to edit through personal travel videos.

As 'amateur' as they may be, creating these videos was enough to keep me creatively satisfied. Until now. 


After some years of growing, finishing degrees and travelling - I'm finally back on track with film and photography. Since moving to NYC, I've been focusing on developing my photography skills and have been inspired to follow through on my story ideas.

In summer of 2019, I wrote, directed and solo produced a short film that had been in the 'idea stage' for quite some time. Since returning to Dublin, Ireland the project is in post-production and I can't wait to share more when I can.

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